Ep 016 - Theme Me Up Scotty!

Hosts: Matt, Blayke, Neeber & Ralph
Games: Slay the Spire, Turing Machine, It's a Wonderful World, War Chest & Carcassonne
Date Released: 11th November 2022

"I would have never picked this off the shelf, nothing about 'Isle of Cats' appealed to me and then I played it, what a juxtaposition" - Matt Glynn | BG Gateway

A lot of weight is put into the first impressions and many games have a theme and artwork that to many may not have "mass market" appeal. How many games do we pass that could be instant favourites just because we don't connect with the artwork? How many games could provide a deep connection but don't get the chance because a theme sounds outlandish or boring to us? We have a big discussion about things we have noticed, games we have played and themes we were surprised by in this episode.

We also had a chance to play many new and cemented games including the latest Kickstarter hotness Slay the Spire, Engine building masterpiece It's a Wonderful World, The most interesting logic puzzle in Turing Machine and "Chess 2.0" War Chest.


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Intro / Outro Music
Merry Bay by Ghostrifter Official | https://soundcloud.com/ghostrifter-official

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