Ep 002 - Rollin’ Wild, Getting Clever!

Hosts: Neeber, Blayke, Ralph and Matt
Games: Ganz Schon Clever, Marvel Champions, Galaxy Trucker
Date Released: 15th July 2022

Look who's back, back again. Gateways back, tell your friends.
*No seriously tell your friends we'd love more people in the community*

Anywho with that silly introduction out of the way we would like to welcome you back to the Board Game Gateway Podcast. In this week's episode, we tackle the theme 'What makes a good gateway game' as well as discuss the games Ganz Schon Clever, Marvel Champions and Galaxy Trucker.

All four of the hosts are back with this interesting look into what things they look for when trying to get people who are not entrenched in the board gaming hobby to the table.


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Intro / Outro Music
Merry Bay by Ghostrifter Official | https://soundcloud.com/ghostrifter-official