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What is Board Game Gateway?

The Board Game Gateway Podcast is our attempt at providing a fun and light entry point for people who want to know more about the board gaming hobby. We record the podcast once a week with plans to grow a community of gamers and add more content in the future.

Below you can find our latest episodes as well as the archive with ALL of our previous discussions for your listening pleasure.

Episode 010
Showing off your Creativity!

Board games are not just thinking puzzles that are designed to give satisfaction to the analytical left side of your brain but they also can provide a platform for your creativity right side to shine bright like a diamond.

Episode 009
Scratching the Sudoku Itch!

"Do you love sitting down to figure out the logic behind a sudoku puzzle?
You are going to love these games that we have on offer for you."

All four hosts are back for another recording but this time we let Mr Hello take the reins.

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The Podcast Crew

Neeber Photo

Creator / Host

Favourite Games: Brass Birmingham, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, 7 Wonders Duel

Blayke Photo

The Reigning Champ

Favourite Games: Dead Reckoning, Terraforming Mars, Coup

Matt Photo

Perennial 2nd Place

Favourite Games: Dice Town, Brass Birmingham, Diplomacy

Ralph Photo

A Standup Guy

Favourite Games: Blood on the Clocktower, Marvel Champions, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

The Board Game Gateway podcast crew are a bunch of friends who all share a love for getting around the table and sharing experiences together. The creation of this podcast is an excuse for us to meet up on a regular basis and discuss what it is about this hobby they love so much, but more than that they want to share this passion with you and give you a place to learn about why you may enjoy it as well.

We hope to be able to get guests and members of the community into the podcast in the future, and hope that you will want to come and join our community.